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The delightful story of a man who relocates to Florida from a northeastern state after a divorce. He finds employment at a hotel resort as the security director, and discovers there is a black female cat that was born on the property a year before. She has been featured in a published book by another author. They bond, and are together ten years.
Moving on to a new job as a correctional officer at a state prison facility, he is surprised to find there is a black male cat that was born on the property a year before. As with the first feline, the two become close, and were together fifteen years. He was featured on the Florida Department of Corrections inmate website.
This is the tale of their relationships. A tale of love, companionship, and emotional support through good and bad. Savor the antics and personalities of these two felines over the years. Any cat aficionado will relate to this story because it’s purr-fect.

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