Protection Matters Institue

The online institute for training and information on self-protection and self-defense.

The premier online website for training, supplies, resources, and information on self-protection and self-defense.
The Book, the Insititue, the Affiliates, and the Certification.


You don't have the time? Make it . You and your loved ones are too important.


Over 600 pages of life-saving knowledge with 100s of photographs, checklists, and resource links. In this day and age, you cannot afford to be without it.

Trained by Masters of the martial arts, self-protection, and survival, as well as subject matter experts in fire, safety, firearms, emergency management, and a wide array of protective fields, author John Yonitch brings you Protection Matters - The Definitive Guide to Self-Protection in Today's World.

Learn the most proven techniques, principles, approaches, and systems to assist you in mitigating a wide range of threats and dealing with them when unavoidable. A plethora of pertinent subjects is covered in depth by Mr. Yonitch. Your life and that of your loved ones are worth more than the cost of this book.

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